The Skydrop Controller is built mindfully. Smart watering cuts usage, helps save money and boosts the health of your yard.

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Simple to Set-Up. Simple to Use.

Skydrop makes your healthy yard a sustainable yard. The Skydrop Controller installs in just minutes, and set-up is effortless.

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Your Landscape’s Meteorologist

Skydrop's powerful cloud service interprets, real-time weather data to intelligently water your landscape. Keeping our head in the clouds saves you water, time and money.

How Smart Watering Works >
Today — It's sunny and 95°
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
It's hot today but Skydrop knows that after two days of rain the soil levels are healthy and saturated. No watering required.

Use It Your Way

Operate, program and monitor on the Controller itself, or do all those things through the Skydrop smartphone app or your favorite web browser.

Thank you for your quick response.  I find customer service, particularly online is difficult, but you seem to have it mastered.
So easy to set up and to use. I called customer support and [Support Agent] updated my software over the internet and I was in business with all 16 zones within a few minutes. Kudos to your customer service!! I live in water-starved California so am look forward to saving lots of water while maintaining my beautiful garden, with Skydrop’s help.
BillBurlingame, CA
thank you for all your help and getting a solution so quickly its much appreciated; take care and I love your product :)
Support from Skydrop has been excellent. My emails have been responded to promptly and someone at Skydrop actually gave me their number to call direct for more help. Skydrop seem genuinely interested in resolving the problems I am seeing and retaining me as a customer. The support has so far been great.
Old School customer service! When you call you reach a REAL person that WANTS to speak with you! Where else to you get that?
Skydrop setup is a snap. If you can change a light bulb you’ll have no problem. Form definitely meets function as user interface is sleek and flawless. The console is also very visually appealing. Product works as described right out of the box. A fine product I look forward to saving $$$ with!
After seeing my lawn grow better and use less water, it feels like a crime to be doing anything other than Skydrop.
This thing is amazing. It is everything it is supposed to be, and truly elegant in its design and operation. I will be purchasing another one soon for my investment property.
D. on Amazon
Great Product. Works exactly as advertised. Knowledgeable and polite customer service.
RobertAmazon Customer
Just picked up my skydrop controller and got it installed, this thing is awesome! And you guys are right in my back yard too…no pun intended, great to see so many innovative startups coming out of Utah.