Your ONLY Adaptive & Smart Watering Controller with Real-Time Weather Monitoring

Maximize Water Conservation While Maintaining Beautiful Landscapes

Monitor and control your watering from anywhere with award-winning smart technology that keeps a good thing growing – even when you’re away from home or when unexpected weather hits


Skydrop customizes watering based on current local weather to make sure your lawn and garden get exactly the water they need, across each unique zone.

Quick & Painless Install

Connects to your existing sprinkler system wiring and location. Get up and running in minutes.

WIFI Connected Intelligence

Monitor and manage watering from your computer, smartphone or tablet, or from the controller itself. No matter where you are, you’re in control.

Make Your Outdoors Great

From your lawn to the vegetable garden to the flower beds: Make your outdoors great so that you can spend less time tending them and more time enjoying them.

Smart Watering = Weekend Warrior

Skydrop automatically creates optimal watering schedules, keeping your lawn looking its best. The result is saving an average of 35% on watering! Let SkyDrop do its thing while you do yours. Host that Sunday BBQ… play catch with the kids… or make a weekend getaway. Now that’s smart!

Meet The App That Will Change Your Life

Let’s talk numbers for a moment…

Many Communities Offer Rebates When Switching to Smart Watering Systems

The best way to see if there is a rebate is to contact your local water district.
Ask if they have rebates for WaterSense Certified “Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers.”

The Numbers Don’t Lie

EPA estimates residential landscape irrigation totals nearly 9 billion gallons per day. Skydrop saves an average of 35%. But what does saving 3.15 billion gallons per day look like?

million showers

million car washes

million loads of laundry

billion toilet flushes

Now that’s a lot of water saved every day just from smarter yard watering!

Take Back Your Weekends

The user-friendly Skydrop controller (8 zone, expandable to 16 zones) and smart LCD screen allows you to easily manage your lawn worry free. It’s like your own personal landscape specialist and weatherman working together. Hand your watering maintenance over to Skydrop and get your weekends back to do the things you love. Your dream lawn is now a reality!

See How Skydrop Works

Powered By Superior Technology

We are working on a new device we call Link (coming soon), which will provide control to well beyond 16 zones. Additionally, we are looking into ways we can connect and further enhance your outdoor experience.

Meet the Skydrop App

remote access from anywhere, anytime

Smart Tech + Simple Versatility:

The Perfect Marriage

User Interface

Fully integrated User Interface on the controller with intuitive menu screens to manage your system.
Setup and Check-In

Setup tutorial walks you through the initial setup and most importantly – checks in with the user periodically after the initial setup to ensure proper watering
Water Restrictions

Not complying with local watering restrictions might cost you as much as $500 a day in fines. Skydrop lets you add any water restrictions into the schedule for worry-free watering.
Wi-Fi Outage

In the event of Wi-Fi outage, Skydrop can still be manually managed through the controller user interface and will continue with a watering plan based on historical averages. Other controllers are stuck without Wi-Fi.
Expansion Module

The control unit has 8 zones. In the event you change your landscape or need additional zones, you can add 9-16 zones using our expansion module at a far less cost than purchasing an additional controller.
Auto Zone Detection

When setting up Skydrop, it will automatically send a signal to all the connected zones to verify connectivity and valve functionality.
Fault Detection

Skydrop has an active connectivity link with each zone. If something goes wrong, Skydrop doesn’t mince words with confusing flashing LED’s for you to decipher. Skydrop tells you right on the LCD screen what’s happened, where and most important how to fix it.
Push Notifications

You can receive communication from Skydrop regarding software updates, fault detection, wifi connectivity loss to the controller unit. Alerts will be sent right to your smartphone or desktop to you informed wherever you are.

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