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Adjusting Minutes and Frequency of Smart Watering

Although Smart Watering sets a recommended watering frequency and duration based on zone specific settings, there may be situations that require users to adjust some settings to better fit their specific needs. There are two ways that you can adjust the Smart Watering duration and frequency for each zone. You will need to make these changes via our Skydrop Mobile App or through

Method 1: Water More, Water Less

This is the most recommended method as it only makes minor changes to the Smart Watering Algorithms.

  • Click on the “Water More” or “Water Less” button depending on your desired changes. Watch the frequency and duration change below as it follows our Smart Watering Algorithm.

  • When you see the desired settings on the frequency and duration bubbles, click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right corner.

Method 2: Manually Selecting Desired Frequency and Duration

There are situations in which WATER LESS, WATER MORE won’t achieve the desired duration and frequency. In these situations, you will be creating an entirely new baseline for your watering. Please follow these steps to manually adjust frequency and duration.

  • Click the settings button in between frequency and duration to allow changes to be made. Now you can increase or decrease both days and minutes with the + and – buttons.

  • Make sure you click the “check” mark where the settings button was before.

  • Click on “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner to save those settings.

If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through We have very limited capacity for phone support.