Amazon Alexa

Skydrop is directly integrated with all Echo devices

Technology should make your life easier! With our simple voice commands you can now control your entire sprinkler system using Amazon’s Alexa

Skydrop communicates directly with Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, and is the first smart sprinkler system to be fully integrated with Echo Show.

Connecting your controller is easy!

  • Click on the Amazon skills link

    Clicking on the Amazon skills link will take you directly to our skill in Amazons database. You will need to login to the amazon account your device is connected to.

  • Enable Skydrop

    Enabling will require you to login to your Skydrop account so that your Echo can take control.

  • Test it out

    Make sure the connection works by using any of the below voice commands or you can use “Alexa, Start Skydrop”.

Alexa Commands

For all  commands you can simply say, “Alexa ask/tell Skydrop…”

Start watering a specific zone

(Either Zone Number or Zone Name can be used)

  • “…to start watering {Zone}
  • “…water {Zone}
  • “…to turn on {Zone}
  • “…to start {Zone}

Start watering all zones

  • “…to start all zones”
  • “…to water all zones”

Stop watering

  • “…to turn off watering”
  • “…to stop watering”
  • “…to end watering”
  • “…to stop all watering”

Get current watering status

  • “…what zone is being watered?”
  • “…what is currently being watered?”
  • “…are any zones being watered?”
  • “…remaining watering time?”
  • “…how much watering time is left?”

Get watering forecast

  • “…what is my watering forecast?”
  • “…when is my next watering?”

When did you last water?

  • “…when did I last water?”
  • “…when was my last watering?”
  • “…what was the last zone I watered?”

Need help?

  • “Help”
  • “I need help”

Exit Skydrop skill

  • “Stop”
  • “Cancel”

If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through We have very limited capacity for phone support.