Skydrop Integrates directly with Control4

Skydrop’s seamless integration with Control4 brings sprinkler automation to connected homes

American Fork, UT (July 19, 2017) :  Skydrop™, the leader in smart watering technology, and Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, began their successful partnership with the full integration of the Skydrop driver. With this recent upgrade, Skydrop has unified its user interface in Control4 connected homes.
“Skydrop is excited to be a partner with Control4, a long-standing leader in home automation and smart home systems, to bring proven long-term value and savings to Control4 customers. Control4 helps customers live a connected lifestyle, now expanded with the addition of Skydrop, to help customers save a significant amount of water, money and time,” said Brandon Kennedy, Skydrop CEO. “Skydrop, as the leader in smart sprinkler automation, is excited to join the ranks of Control 4 partners in providing top-of-the-line smart home technology to customers.”

• Customers can instantly access all aspects of the Skydrop smart sprinkler through Control4 T3 Touch Screens
• Adjust watering schedules based on city restrictions as well as skipping days the gardener is coming.
• Enjoy your vacation knowing that Skydrop will be there monitoring weather conditions to keep your yard that perfect shade of green.

About Skydrop:
Skydrop® LLC., based in Utah, is a leading provider of Smart Sprinkler Controllers. Skydrop® has a mission to maximize water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes. Skydrop® Smart Sprinkler Controller is a cloud-based integrated interface that uses real-time, neighborhood-level weather data along with detailed zone settings, to dynamically adjust the duration and frequency of water cycles. The Skydrop® controller is WaterSense certified by the EPA to be at least 20 percent more efficient than a traditional timer, without sacrificing performance. For more information on Skydrop®, visit to learn more.

Skydrop maximizes water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes. This sleek, compact device also calculates the moisture in your soil and knows how much water a landscape is losing, and when. Set each zone according to soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, slope and shape. This allows you to water deeply and infrequently while using less water to maintain healthy root growth, the key to a thicker, greener lawn.

About Control4
Control4 [NASDAQ: CTRL] is a leading global provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering personalized control of lighting, music, video, comfort, security, communications, and more into a unified smart home system that enhances the daily lives of its consumers. Control4 unlocks the potential of connected devices, making networks more robust, entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure. Today, every home and business needs automation horsepower and a high-performance network to manage the increasing number of connected devices. The Control4 platform interoperates with more than 10,000 third-party consumer electronics products, ensuring an ever-expanding ecosystem of devices will work together. Control4 is now available in 90 countries. Leveraging a distribution channel that includes over 5,500 custom integrators, retailers, and distributors authorized to sell the full-line of Control4 products, Pakedge branded networking solutions and Triad Speakers, Control4 is delivering intelligent solutions for consumers, major consumer electronics companies,
hotels, and businesses around the world.

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