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Maximize Water Conservation While Maintaining Beautiful Landscapes

Today’s irrigation systems are costing you millions of gallons of wasted water. Basic controllers run on set schedules, rain or shine. The duration and frequency of each watering cycle are typically set once and forgotten about. Your city is paying for water it doesn’t need. Skydrop will help you reduce wasted water.

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Intelligent Weather-Based Irrigation

Skydrop automatically sets optimal water levels for lawn, garden and xeriscaped yards reducing water usage up to 50%. Skydrop can save your community millions of gallons of water. That’s a lot of savings.

Water Savings

Skydrop cuts outdoor water usage up to 50%.

Compliant Owners

Make it easy for homeowners to comply with watering restrictions.

Faster Results

Skydrop begins reducing wasted water immediately.

Installs On All Systems

Connects directly to existing watering systems.

How Skydrop Works

Skydrop makes it easy for homeowners to install and start conserving water.

Inside Skydrop

Water Smart. Waste Less.

The typical irrigation system doesn’t factor in changing weather conditions, especially rainfall and higher temperatures. Households are improperly watering when they don’t need to. Average homeowners simply do not pay attention to correct watering techniques, wasting the average city millions of gallons per year.

Why pay for wasted water? Start saving today!

Skydrop uses hyper-local weather data to calculate optimal watering times and amounts for residents’ lawns, gardens and xeriscaped yards. It prevents continuous overwatering and higher costs to the community from wasted water. This means healthier root systems, greener lawns and lower water bills. Your residents will love Skydrop.

Bring Water Conservation to Your Area

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