Troubleshooting Site

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Visit for Step-By-Step instructions to resolve your issues.

Troubleshoot Missing Zones

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The skydrop controller automatically detects connected valves, but sometimes zones don’t appear as expected. This guide is designed to provide some simple steps to resolve common issues with missing zones: 1) Ensure that the wires are properly seated in their receptacles. Simply give a slight tug to the wire. If it comes out without pressing the button, it’s not seated properly. Sometimes additional …

Networking & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

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This guide is designed to help provide some simple steps to help create a more robust and reliable wireless network, for your skydrop controller.  Requirements for communicating with skydrop cloud service Wi-Fi Access Point or Router Wi-Fi network within range of the skydrop controller The ability to ping from your network Troubleshooting network steps: 1) Verify Internet is working …