How do I select or change the Soil Type?

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It is important to choose the correct soil for your landscape. Each soil type has a different water absorption rate and choosing the correct type helps optimize the correct watering schedule.

When you first setup your controller, you are given the option to select the type of soil you have in your landscape.

pc_settings_water_restrictions 2
Sandy soil: Particles are large and allow water and nutrients to quickly drain. Sandy soil has the lowest water holding capacity, watering most frequently of all soil typessandy

Loamy soil: Equal amount of large and small particles which allow water to evenly permeate the soil. Has the highest water holding capacity, watering least frequently of all soil types

loamy 1.2

Clay soil
: Particles are very small and compact which does not allow for even water absorption. Clay soil has a lower water holding capacity than loamy soil. However, it can only be watered a brief amount at a time so watering will be divided to allow proper soaking.


If you are not sure of your soil type, select the “unsure” option that assumes a lower water holding capacity and will water more frequently than Loamy or Clay soils.

This article will cover choosing or changing your soil type on the each platform:

Mobile Phone

1. On the IOS and Android app ensure you are logged in to you skydrop account.
2. Once logged in click on the clog to the left of the controller name as shown below.


3. This will open the controller settings dialog. In the middle of the page you will see Soil Type as shown below.


4. Click on your soil type, then click ‘Done’ in the upper left corner of the screen.

Web Browser

1.  First login using your skydrop account.
2.  Once logged in click on the cog next to your controllers name as shown below.

3. This will open the controller settings dialog. Under the location information you will see the options for soil type.

pc_settings_water_restrictions 2
4. Click on your soil type, then click the ‘Done’ button in the lower right corner of the screen.


Follow instructions below:


  1. Press down on the jog dial to open the menu on the controller.
  2. Rotate the jog dial clock wise until you have highlighted “Controller Settings”.
  3. Click on the jog dial to enter the controller settings.
  4. Rotate the jog dial until you have highlighted “Yard Soil Type”.
  5. Click on the jog dial and you will see the different soil types.
  6. Rotate the jog dial and highlight the correct soil type and click on the jog dial. Your soil type is now confirmed.