How do I enable Smart Watering?

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Smart Watering is the recommended setup for all Skydrop Controllers. Smart Watering is designed to keep your plants at optimum health with minimal water waste.

Smart Watering is designed to get the most for your plants using the minimum amount of water needed to do so. As recommended by professionals, Smart Watering is designed to water for a longer duration but less often in order to allow more root absorption. Skydrop’s formula will use your soil & sprinkler type, combined with environmental factors (precipitation, temperature, wind, etc.) in order to calculate how much and how often your lawn needs water.

*The Smart Watering on/off button is currently only located directly on the controller. This feature will soon be added to both the Mobile App and Browser settings.This article will assist with the steps to enable (and also disable) Smart Watering:

1. Click the jog dial to advance from the wait screen:

2. The main screen will then appear:

3. Rotate the dial until you have highlighted the ‘Controller Settings’ and click

4. Rotate the dial until you have highlighted the ‘Watering Schedule’ tab and click (see image)

5. Set timer to your desired start time- click the jog dial for the hour, click again for the minute, click again for am or pm. (we recommend setting a time before 6am or after 8pm so the water soaks into the lawn and does not evaporate in the sun).

6. Click ‘Continue’ to advance to the Water Type screen.

7. Screen will advance to Water Type and you can select Smart Watering by clicking the jog dial.(options available for watering are: Smart Watering, Interval or Daily) ‘Interval’ and ‘Specific Days’ watering do not require an internet connection.

  • Smart Watering: Watering as needed based on lawn information and hyper-local weather data.
  • Interval Watering: Watering based on an interval of days determined by you (i.e.; every 2 or 3 or 5 days)
  • Specific Days: Watering based on select days of the week (i.e.; every Monday and Thursday)

​*For a more specific watering schedule setup, please see article: How Do I Create a Custom Schedule?

8. If at any point you would like to back out of any screen, you can press and hold the jog dial and it will take you back one screen at a time.