How do I connect my Master Valve?

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A master valve is an electric valve installed at the supply point which controls water flow into the main piping system. When this valve is closed, water will not be supplied to your sprinkler system. It is important to make sure your master valve is setup correctly so that your sprinkler system works as designed.

*(Not all sprinkler systems utilize a master valve).

This article will cover how-to connect the Master Valve to your new skydrop Controller:

1. In order to connect your master valve to the skydrop controller, you must first locate the master valve wire. Feed the master valve wire through the wall plate opening.

2. Insert the wire into the receptacle labeled “M” for master valve.

3. Make sure you push the master valve wire in all the way and pull back gently to make sure the wire is secure and connected.

4. Snap on the controller unit to the wall plate and the controller will power on automatically.

Success! Your master valve is now connected.  The skydrop controller will now activate the master valve anytime a watering is scheduled.