How does my Controller get Weather Data?

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You may be wondering how the skydrop controller knows to make adjustments to determine proper watering for your lawn.  This article gives an overview of how your controller receives its weather data to calculate your landscape’s needs.

The Skydrop Controller will use different factors to determine a watering schedule that is healthy for your landscape and that conserves water.  Upon set up of your controller you will enter the necessary information including: soil type, sprinkler nozzle type, slope of your lawn, shaded areas, etc. External factors such as; precipitation, temperature, wind, etc., work within our algorithm to calculate Evapotranspiration (or the rate at which water evaporates from your soil).  Once these have all factored into the equation, your controller determines the best watering schedule for your lawn.

*The reason Skydrop is a “Smarter” controller is because it can take those changes in weather conditions and make the adjustments needed to your watering schedule.

How it all works:

1. Once the Skydrop controller is connected to your WiFi, it will automatically connect to our Cloud.

2. Once connected to our Cloud, it will locate your controller based on the zip code and plug it in to our network of local weather stations.

3. Now that your Controller is connected to our network of weather stations, it will begin pulling weather data from one of the many towers within your zip code. (For example, most public schools have these weather stations as well as government buildings, airports and private residents, etc.)

4. Using both the current weather conditions and the 7-day forecast, your controller will calculate when the next watering cycle will need to be applied to your lawn.

5. If you live somewhere with crazy weather, that’s ok! The Controller will check for weather updates every hour. So if there’s an unexpected change in weather, Skydrop will know and adjust watering accordingly.

*If you have set up watering restrictions on your controller, the Smart Watering will take those in to account when calculating the next estimated watering time.