What do the Jog Dial colors mean?

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You may be wondering what the different colors mean on the jog-dial of your skydrop controller. The following article shows what each color indicates.

Each color of the jog dial is displayed below with its accompanying meaning. The color of the jog dial should match for the controller, mobile app and browser.

Green indicates Standby Mode: The controller is ready to receive and execute instructions.

Blue indicates Watering Mode: Controller is currently watering and edits cannot be made without ending the current water cycle.


Yellow indicates a lost connection to WiFi: Controller will need to be re-connected for Smart Watering and remote access, or Controller can be set up (as-is, no wifi) using Custom Schedules or Interval Watering.

Red indicates some type of error with the valve or wiring: Usually the faulty zone is indicated within the user interface of the controller, web app or mobile app. Once the zone is determined, a thorough investigation of the valve and wiring will help resolve the problem.



On Controller, you can disable the green glow while idling which then turns off the jog dial. On the web or mobile app, this indicates that watering is currently disabled.