Skydrop Enclosure

In by Mack Dalley

The Skydrop Enclosure will make it possible to install your smart sprinkler controller outside.

Skydrop Enclosure is a solid-construction, outdoor enclosure that protects against the elements.

Skydrop Weather SafeThe Enclosure is a perfect fit for the Skydrop controller and power supply.

Dimensions: Length = 15 inches /  Height = 6.1 inches / Depth = 4.5 inches


Weather Safe with Controller and Expansion


The Enclosure includes:

  • A power outlet for plugging-in the controller
  • A keyed locking latch to prevent tampering or theft.
  • Enclosure is durable enough to protect the controller in temperatures from -22 (°F) to 158(°F)

Enclosure with Shadow


To install your Skydrop Enclosure:

1- Select an ideal location for installation of the enclosure. It’s best to choose a flat spot where both the sprinkler valve wires and AC power can easily reach.

2- Hold the enclosure in place and mount it using the pre-drilled holes and the provided screws. Wall anchors (not provided) may be necessary for mounting the controller box depending on the material  where it’s being mounted (i.e.; stucco, vinyl, etc.).

3- Mount the wall plate into the Enclosure, using the screws provided with the controller.

4- Connect the 24V power supply and the sprinkler valve wires to the wall plate. Give each valve wire a light tug to ensure they are properly installed. If the valve wires pull out easily, strip some additional coating and re-insert to the numbered valve posts.

5- Attach the controller faceplate to the wall plate.

6- Your Skydrop controller should power on (as long as power supply and wiring are complete).