How is Skydrop smart watering different?

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There are many sprinkler controllers on the market that claim to be “smart.” Some are very capable and provide a good way to remotely manage and review your outdoor watering. Skydrop provides all the benefits of the typical smart controller, but is different in a very significant way.

Typical Smart

Most of the “smart” sprinkler controllers on the market today provide an easy way to turn on and off sprinklers. They will typically skip a watering cycle if it is currently raining or even if there is significant precipitation in the forecast. They might even adjust the watering duration based on the season and temperature.

Typical smart controllers have a schedule that inhibits healthy root growth.

But there is still a schedule. The schedule might be Monday, Wednesday and Friday or perhaps every other day. This ensures that the plants receive water consistently, but inherently causes problems. Because the plants expect — and typically get — at least some water on a consistent schedule, they don’t naturally grow their roots deeper. Deeper roots result in healthier plants. So watering on a consistent schedule actually restricts the health of the plants.

Additionally, scheduled watering still results in more water usage than is necessary. At times, the scheduled watering is more than the plant roots can use, so the water is wasted.

Skydrop Intelligence

The Skydrop controller does all the usual “smart” things with one significant exception — Skydrop doesn’t have a schedule. The plant root depth determines how long Skydrop will water and the weather and conditions determine how often Skydrop waters. Each time Skydrop waters, it dispenses enough water to completely saturate the soil surrounding the roots. Then, based on the conditions specified by the user, the Skydrop Cloud Service calculates how quickly water evaporates from the soil. Skydrop will wait until the plant is nearing a distressed point before watering again. This all happens on a per-zone basis because each sprinkler zone has different conditions.

Landscape and agricultural experts agree that watering deeply and as infrequently as possible is key to developing a healthy landscape. In addition, this method results in optimal water and money savings.


Skydrop Watering History

So let’s take an illustrated journey through several weeks with a Skydrop controller. The following images are screenshots from the Skydrop Mobile app. Click through the images to see how this controller reacts to precipitation, temperatures, and variations in conditions among the different sprinkler zones.

On Nov 8th, the skydrop controller finished "topping off" all zones. Each were in a "full" state.

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As illustrated above, Skydrop provides the smartest solution for watering. The Skydrop methodology results in a healthy landscape, a healthy environment and a healthy pocketbook.

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