Spring Renewal – Bio Stimulant


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Spring is a time when plants need feeding but nutrient uptake through the root system is frequently suppressed by low soil temperatures, excessive wet or dry conditions and other environmental stresses. Envy Bioscience Spring Renewal application includes NVE3 nutrients that prepare your emerging plants with the head start they need to grow strong throughout the growing season.

For over 4 decades NVE3 science has been developed and refined to enhance a plant’s ability to achieve its true genetic potential.

NVE3 is a plant micronutrient supplement with calcium designed to help in stressful environments. NVE3 technology assists with root growth to improve water and nutrient uptake.

Made with ingredients approved for organic farming.

Each bottle covers 5000 square feet, enough for 2 applications on most yards, recommended you wait at least two weeks between each application

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