Rising Cost of Water Compared to Other Utilities

Forget about drought, forget about natural resource conservation. If you haven’t focused on reducing your water usage, just take a look at your wallet.

The photo below shows the rise in Water & Sewer costs versus other utilities through 2014, and projected out to 2020.* You don’t need to be an economist to see that the cost increase for water & sewer is staggering. We’ve all complained how much the cost to mail a letter has gone up in the last 10 years. Well the cost of water has gone up at more than DOUBLE that rate. And it’s more than TRIPLE the rate of inflation (Consumer Price Index) in the U.S.


Do you need another reason to use less water?  How much money can you save yourself?  And since the outdoors is the largest percentage of water use in the average home, reducing that usage by up to 40% or more is the right place to start.

This is why we created Skydrop. It’s not a sprinkler controller, it’s a Water Conservation Hub.

*This report was created by the Institute of Public Utilities at Michigan State University. You can see the entire report here.