Skydrop and Lennar Corp. Team-Up to Save Water and Money

America’s Leading Home Builder Embraces Smart Tech to Help New Homeowners Reduce Outdoor Water Usage by 500 Million Gallons Annually.

XXXXXXXX, 2015 – Skydrop, LLC announced today that it finalized an agreement with Lennar Corporation (NYSE: LEN), to install Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controllers in all new homes that Lennar builds.

Skydrop is the leading provider of smart watering technology. The Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller, a recipient of EPA’s WaterSense™ Certification, is available nationwide in multiple major retail outlets, works with Nest™, and has been hailed as one of the “7 Life-Changing Products of 2015” ¹. Typical users reduce landscape watering by 30-50% on average. While commenting on this exciting new partnership with Lennar Corp., Skydrop CEO Bret Cloward said, “We’re incredibly enthusiastic to have even more homeowners interfacing with Skydrop, and the Lennar Corporation’s dedication to environmentally conscious products and practices is exciting and industry-forward. Smart products benefit homeowners and homebuilders by providing on-going cost and resource savings.”

The Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller is a Wi-Fi- enabled device that capitalizes on neighborhood-specific meteorological data to make informed decisions on where, when, and how much to water. Every home’s yard is different, and Skydrop works to keep different plants, in differing microenvironments, healthy. The Skydrop Controller manages each sprinkler zone independently based on soil, shade, and plant characteristics. Skydrop believes that in order to start solving big problems we need to use big-data in unique, and user-specific, ways. Skydrop users can implement their own customized watering schedules for weather-exempt circumstances, like maintaining new sod, and covered gardens. And the Personal Schedules feature gives homebuilders, like Lennar, a low cost means to ensure the health of new landscaping while minimizing water use. Skydrop’s personal schedules function without a Wi-Fi connection, further mitigating the stresses of landscape upkeep for new developments between their construction and sale.

After signing today’s agreement with Skydrop, Lennar Corp. representatives stated that “A partnership with Skydrop is very much in line with our company’s mission. Integrating smart home devices into our production makes sense for Lennar, and it especially makes sense for our buyers. We will see a decrease in our initial landscaping costs, and future Lennar homeowners have yet another excellent reason to invest in homes built by our company. The savings offered by the Skydrop Controller are evident, and we believe that homeowners will see the long term benefits of living with this technology”.

At Skydrop, conserving water, saving money, and keeping landscapes healthy is our mission. This is truly ‘smart’ watering, and we’ve tasked ourselves to keep making it even smarter. With each new update to our proprietary software, Skydrop gives its users more ways to conserve. The Skydrop v.1.19 update introduces new features and interfaces that offer Skydrop users added control and usage reports, as well as increasingly more dynamic and intuitive approaches to Smart Watering.

Smart means adaptive. Smart means specialized. Smart means finding innovative ways to live better.


About Skydrop, LLC—

Skydrop has developed a long-term solution for managing residential over-watering, and we proudly provide consumers with the technology to work with the weather to keep their lawns and gardens green. The Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller is a Wi-Fi enabled ‘Smart’ device that reduces landscape water consumption by up to 50%. Our Smart Watering Technology capitalizes on over a dozen data points from neighborhood-level weather and landscape information. Skydrop protects our water, one yard at a time — and we believe that meaningful change starts at home. There’s ‘smart’, then there’s Skydrop Smart.

Skydrop was founded and is based in Lehi, Utah.  For More Information, Visit:


About Lennar Corp. –

Since 1954, the Lennar Corporation has helped hundreds of thousands of families across the nation find a new home. Lennar has built homes in many of the country’s most desirable cities and neighborhoods and offers a range of housing options suited to all needs, and stages of life.  Lennar’s development projects cater to a variety of American lifestyles from the city, to the suburbs, the active to the quiet. Present in 40 markets across 17 states, Lennar attributes its brand equity and success to quality, value, and a commitment to integrity and continued innovation.

To Learn More, Visit:

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