Skydrop Mobile 1.6.0 Now Available

Zone Settings with new Watering Change
The new zone settings allow for simple control of how much and how frequently the zone receives water

The latest version of Skydrop Mobile is now available.  Here’s what’s included in v1.6.0:

* A brand new way to manage how frequently and how long your zones get watered. Simply indicate whether you want your controller to water more or less and Skydrop will handle all the finer details.

* You can now switch from Smart Watering to a basic schedule based on an interval or days of the week in Skydrop Mobile.

* Live in an extremely hot climate? Now you can water multiple times a day and still leverage Smart Watering.

* Is one of your zones not getting detected properly, but you’re confident it works? Bypass the detection and set it up just like the rest.

* Been experiencing annoying network problems and can’t tell the source of the problem? The Skydrop controller now includes Network Diagnostics to help you improve your network setup.

* Have more than 8 zones? With the new Skydrop Expansion Module you can now run up to 16 zones.

We’ve also fixed many annoying bugs and smoothed the feel of the app.

Remember, we love feedback. Let us know with an app review or contact us through our support site.

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If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through We have very limited capacity for phone support.