Skydrop now works with Nest

The Skydrop™ smart watering sprinkler controller now works with Nest®!  With the latest release of the Skydrop apps, the service can now accurately estimate water usage each time a zone is activated.  This info can be sent as part of your Nest Home Report® and will also be available in Skydrop’s upcoming water usage reports.  Understanding outdoor water usage is a very important part of your overall home energy savings plans.

Additionally, if Nest Protect® detects a fire the Skydrop controller will automatically run 2 full watering cycles at 3 minutes per zone.  This will keep the area around your home moist and help prevent a fire from spreading to neighboring structures.

For details on how to link your Skydrop account with Nest, visit the Nest Integration support article on

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One response to “Skydrop now works with Nest”

  1. […] a Nest Protect, we already have an integration to have each of the zones run the sprinklers run for a short duration in the event of a fire. But, […]

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