Skydrop Wins 2014 Utah Innovation Award


Utah Innovation Awards

When a new product or service is developed that truly exceeds expectations and proves that the spirit of innovation is still alive and kicking, then it’s only natural to want to publicly recognize that new innovation and those behind its development. Such is the purpose behind the annual Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council. This year, thirty different Utah innovations and companies were nominated as finalists to receive these prestigious awards from among seven different categories. Of these finalists, only eight succeeded in winning the coveted accolade. We are honored to announce that The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller was one of those eight.

Skydrop Controller

A committee of approximately 60 respected leaders in industry, education, and government came together to evaluate and select winners from the 100+ nominations that were submitted. Comparing factors such as market need, novelty, market disruption and potential economic impact, the committee was able to determine which nominations were the most promising.


Despite stiff competition from innovators from across the state, we are proud that the Skydrop Controller was selected as the winner in the Outdoor and Consumer Products category. Given its potential for reducing water waste while still allowing you to keep your lawn and garden vibrant and healthy, the Skydrop Controller has the capacity to forever change the way the world irrigates. This is accomplished through the use of WiFi technology, which enables the system to keep up-to-the-minute data on local weather conditions, and to alter its watering schedule accordingly, so that your plants are always getting the right amount of hydration—no matter how clear or cloudy the sky might look. And to top it all off, the system itself is a paragon of simplicity, requiring no special knowledge or training to install or operate; all you need is a sprinkler system and the ability to follow a few straightforward directions. That’s it. Oh, and did we mention the potential cost-savings that come as a bonus? Think of it this way: Water is money, so less water used by your sprinkler system equals more money in your wallet, which is something that everyone can appreciate. Put all of these factors together, and you have a device which is aimed to make a real impact.

Awards Ceremony

It’s nice to get a little recognition for a job well done, and we here at SkydropTM look forward to the opportunity to further spread the word about what Utah’s most innovative outdoor and consumer product can really do. We also look forward to future Utah Innovation Awards, because when it comes to innovation, unlike irrigation, there’s no reason to conserve the flow.

More information about winners of the Utah Innovation Awards can be found here.





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