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Many Communities Offer Rebates When Switching to Smart Watering Systems


Skydrop customizes watering based on current local weather to make sure your lawn and garden get exactly the water they need, across each unique zone.

Quick & Painless Install

Connects to your existing sprinkler system wiring and location. Get up and running in minutes.

WIFI Connected Intelligence

Monitor and manage watering from your computer, smartphone or tablet, or from the controller itself. No matter where you are, you’re in control.

Make Your Outdoors Great

From your lawn to the vegetable garden to the flower beds: Make your outdoors great so that you can spend less time tending them and more time enjoying them.

Maximize Water Conservation While Maintaining Beautiful Landscapes

Monitor and control your watering from anywhere with award-winning smart technology that keeps a good thing growing – even when you’re away from home or when unexpected weather hits

Powered By Superior Technology

We are working on a new device we call Link (coming soon), which will provide control to well beyond 16 zones. Additionally, we are looking into ways we can connect and further enhance your outdoor experience.

Meet the Skydrop App

remote access from anywhere, anytime

If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through We have very limited capacity for phone support.