Hey, Los Angeles Yard Owner!

Do you:


  • Pay too much on your water bill?
  • Have water restrictions?
  • Worry about penalties?
  • Have brown spots and wet spots on your yard?
  • Continually monitor and adjust your sprinkler system?

We hate worrying about every one of those things. That’s why we made Skydrop, a technology that uses algorithms, hyper-local weather data and monitoring, to adjust your watering schedule in real time.

That’s basically some sciency stuff that says we made something awesome to ensure your lawn, gardens, and flower beds get the right amount of moisture they need — without getting too much! It’s a simple install, and can easily be controlled through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What does this all mean for you?

  • Up to 50% savings on your water bill
  • Less time tinkering with your watering system
  • A beautiful and healthy yard
  • Peace of mind knowing your lawn gets exactly the amount of water it needs
  • Help save the Earth by conserving water!
  • A cool automated sprinkler system that will make your neighbors jealous!

Skydrop quickly pays for itself by helping you save water! Plus, if you live in Los Angeles County, you may qualify for a $240 rebate, making Skydrop almost free! See more about rebate programs here.

The Smart Way to Water

Customers have reported
up to 50% savings
in outdoor water usage.


[Los Angeles County Home Owners Qualify for a $240 Rebate!]

Many SoCal Communities Offer Rebates When Switching to Smart Watering Systems

  • 90011 $240
  • 90044 $120
  • 90201 $120
  • 90250 $120
  • 90280 $120
  • 90631 $120
  • 90650 $120
  • 90660 $120
  • 90805 $120
  • 91331 $240
  • 91335 $240
  • 91343 $240
  • 91706 $120
  • 91709 $150
  • 91710 $150
  • 91730 $150
  • 91744 $120
  • 91766 $150
  • 91910 $120
  • 91911 $120
  • 92021 $120
  • 92114 $120
  • 92126 $120
  • 92154 $120
  • 92335 $150
  • 92336 $150
  • 92376 $120
  • 92503 $120
  • 92509 $300
  • 92562 $120
  • 92592 $120
  • 92627 $200
  • 92630 $120
  • 92677 $195
  • 92683 $120
  • 92703 $120
  • 92704 $120
  • 92707 $120
  • 92804 $120
  • 92880 $120
  • 92882 $240
  • 93033 $145
  • 93065 $145
  • 93536 $120
  • 93722 $120

Easy to Install

No special tools needed. Installs to your existing sprinkler within minutes. Full customer service is here to help if you need it.

No More Guess Work

Skydrop automatically creates your watering schedule using neighborhood-specific weather data.

Beautiful Yard

Say goodbye to brown spots! Get a healthy, drought-resistant lawn through deep, infrequent watering.

More Free Time

Skydrop’s smart watering technology lets you enjoy your lawn instead of constantly wondering if you’re watering properly.

Experience the Skydrop Difference.

Real-Time Watering Schedule

Skydrop dynamically determines which zones should be watered, and when. Patent pending watering algorithms use zone settings and real-time weather data gathered from over 100,000 weather stations and updated hourly to only water the zones that need it.

Simple to Use

We’ve streamlined our settings for a user-friendly controller and easy to set up. You can manage it right from the display without an app or computer.

Easily Installs on Your Existing System

Push-in connectors, automatic valve sensors, and easy-to-read LCD screen gets you up and running in 10 minutes or less.

Feature-Rich Reporting

Your personal schedule includes watering data with future watering predictions, and all of your past watering stats.

Push Notification Alerts

Don’t let brown spots be the first sign of a problem. Skydrop sends you alerts for software updates, fault detection, and wifi connectivity loss.

Innovative Design

Say goodbye to that clunky module you don’t know how to use. This stylish setup looks good and compliments your home.


With the average home savings using smart controllers, you can help save up to 75,000 gallons annually with Skydrop.

WaterSense® Certified

Super Smart Tech for Your Lawn

Set watering schedules combined with improper watering techniques are responsible for up to 50% of the landscape water wasted. Stop wasting and start saving!

By watering each zone separately and only when required, less water is needed to keep your lawn healthy and green. With the Skydrop smart controller, tests have shown an average reduction in water usage of 35%.

As a result the EPA issued Skydrop smart controller the WaterSense® Certification, which guarantees a minimum of 20% water usage reduction.

The US EPA WaterSense® certification guarantees efficiency and lets Skydrop qualify for rebates from water districts and cities around the country.

If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through We have very limited capacity for phone support.

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