Update On Availability

Shipping TruckSince our public unveiling at CES in Las Vegas, it has been a very eventful couple of months. The reception and feedback has been almost overwhelming. Thank you for all the positive responses and preorders! With all of the amazing excitement and demand, we are working extra hard to meet the expectations of our customers.  Because so many people want a Skydrop controller, we have had to scale up our manufacturing process which has pushed our product launch to late spring (June).  Although the timing is not ideal, our team of product developers, designers, and engineers are all committed to “getting it right”.  By taking a little extra time to ensure we have a solid, quality product is well worth it.  We are creating something amazing from the ground up and we want to make sure that you have that same experience.

We are also in the process of launching updates to our website that will contain a lot more information, videos, updated FAQs, and more.  Stay tuned for this exciting update!






If you are in need of technical support, please contact us through support@skydrop.com. We have very limited capacity for phone support.